Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Runway to Workway: Fashion Tip on Denim Skirt

Hello my fashion adict friends!

As you may know, I don't like wearing denim trousers much, only with my cowboy boots or a really spectacular blouse that will distract from the fact that everyone wears them like a uniform...and they have to be skinnies and carrot leg and not the boyfriend type as I don't look good in the loose masculine versions. 
NOt sure why I am telling you all this, as it is beside the point of this post.

I LOVE DENIM SKIRTS and they are very hard to come by actually. 

When I found out that the ex-editor of French Vogue Carine Roitfeld doesn't like to wear jeans much...and prefers denim skirts ... a long time ago, I realized that I love pencil skirts too and when ever I wear jeans I wish I wore something else, like leather pants or dress....or floral print pants, too many options to limit myself to jeans. 

The most amazing denim skirt that I currently own and bought recently on-line shopping at 
J. Crew is "perfect" ! 
Adore the 1950's silhouette and the amazing fit despite it being so very comfortable. More comfortable than any pants can be. 
Check it out for yourself, needless to say that my shopping experience had been just without any hickups, fast, beautifully packed and so easy to do! I may shop on-line more and more...little time wasted and I only buy what I really like...whilst in regular stores I tend to sometime get stuff that I don't like because they often don't have what I am looking for and because of my "I am there and I may just get something as well" attitude.

J. Crew fabulous skirt on a model!

Here it is on me...

Have a lovely rest of the week!


  1. You look FAB! Love th skirt, actually the entire outfit is gorgeous! That mirror is beautiful too!

  2. A denim skirt is such a feminine alternative to jeans especially styled with a pretty top as you have done here. As you say, they are hard to come by though. I'm not a fan of boyfriend jeans either and I generally prefer skinnies.
    PS Thank you for your lovely comment on my Vogue Café post. There is a real café culture in Dubai and the café is very popular with locals.

  3. So flattering on you Z.! .. and that blouse is darling. It's fun the combine the rough feel of denim with the soft frill of a white blouse. J Crew does it right!