Thursday, July 18, 2013

What is in your PANTRY?

Inspired by Leslie of 4aroundthetable  it was fun to review her goodies in her kitchen closet, "the pantry". 
My love for clothes and closets in general is huge, and so it goes for the food closets too..."eating and preparing food is my hobby". 

Leslie is very healthy indeed and so it was a pleasure to "snoop" with her in her kitchen. What a great idea...loving that she is using baskets to keep organized... without further delay, here is a peek in my pantry and perhaps Leslie's idea will become a chain reaction and other bloggers continue this trend...and I definitely can't wait to see Tina's Enchanted Home pantry and lots of others! 

Our Pantry is walk through connecting the dining room and kitchen, it has shallow shelves to store things I can always see what is there and things don't get forgotten hiding in the far back!
I ADORE the look and the practicality of baskets:

What do I use most?? ONIONS and GARLIC for cooking almost every day. 100% can't live without them. But also this closing basket is a gem, all hidden and nicely dry ... perfect storage for fast access. 

Everyone needs an ITALIAN shelve:


CANADIAN, we need maple syrup absolutely:

OATS and dried GINGER jars!

Definitely Legumes in cans or dry:

Good to have MINERAL waters and coconut waters and some Czech medicinal miracle drink hidden there too!


SNACKS: running on the low side I notice now taking pictures. Chips I love real potato just with sea salt, nooooooo flavors please! Some Czech egg cookies and Dutch almond ones and Pizzelle because Tina from Enchanted Home blog showed us the Icecream desert that I have to try with them yet....

Then I have a handy closet pantry in my kitchen where I have a full basket of TEAS and lots of olive oils and balsamics and other spices refills etc. 

On the other hand, my biggest storage is the fresh foods in our 2 refridgerators (veggies, fruits, meats, milk products or almond and peanut butters!) and freezer too, like Leslie, I believe in frozen fruits to put in our smoothies each day...easypeasy stuff! 

Thanks for snooping with me and what ever you are up to these days, here is a lovely summer field photo that gets me in a great mood and hope it does the same for you!



  1. WOW! This is impressive and I must say you've out-done me with regards to basket storage! Your basics are all organized and you are ready to go:) So many delicious, healthy food items in your pantry. Thank you for sharing and I am honored to be referenced on your beautiful blog!!


    1. OOOOH Leslie! Thank you for a sweet compliment, from you it means a lot but we could argue about HOW I could never have out-done you ever.... over a cup of coffee or glass of wine ... and hopefuly you visit Calgary one day and give me a call to hook up and chat (:

      xo Z

  2. I am totally organized too. I simply cannot function without everything in it's place.
    Except for my design work, of course. If you could see THAT you would pass out and wonder how I got anything done at all. But it works for me. Great post !!

    1. Please Marsha, start the chain of pantry closet reviews! I wanna see your fabulous stuff! hugs Z

  3. I'm the worst! I definitely need to organize my pantry, now!

    1. Jen you are organized and fabulous everywhere else!(: But deal with your pantry and you won't regret it ...if you like cooking that is....
      hugs z

  4. I see we have many store cupboard essentials in commlots of onions and garlic, olive oil and flavoured vinegars, Lavazza coffee and of course an italian section too. I also have a few bars of chocolate in there too!! I enjoy Leslie's lovely blog too!

    1. I meant to say common - lots of onions and garlic. I think I must have pressed delete as I was quickly typing!

    2. Thanks for your visit, I AM glad we have some stuff in common, yes chocolate was missing ...but we normally have it too ...((:

  5. Oh very organized and it all makes perfect sense!

    I need to replenish some of staples & then reorganize!!!

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