Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Art of painting by Elena Evanoff:

Hello and hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday!
I am having my "magically there" artful day.
Elena brought the paintings I selected at her showing, now the fun decisions to be made.

What do you think? Which painting do you like and where....!? I appreciate any and all opinions!

In the dining room?
Or do you prefer the Venetian mirror look?

Or should I leave this wall empty? It is a big wall but perhaps better empty?

Keep the painting just above fireplace or the 2 sensual "backs" over the sofa?

Or keep the 2 "backs" in the office, which has 2 empty walls anyways ... ?

And this gem over the fireplace?

Gosh Elena's choice of grays and beiges, all the sublime neutrals makes them a perfect fit for our spaces but of course they are incredible works of art!

I have to frame them... And hang them right... This is just to have an idea and make decision.

Please let me know what you think.

Stay warm ( we have a snowy day)!


  1. I think it's so glamorous in the dining room and goes great with the chandelier. I like the sensual backs over the sofa. That's just my opinion ;)

    1. Thanks Sharon! I am already feeling more confident about it when I hear you say this! I like it too that way ... Especially the dining room ... The artist said what you did ... Glam with the chandelliere(:

  2. Your home is lovely :) and so are those paintings! Gorgeous colors and such graceful lines. I would have to agree.. the dinning room :) The chandelier is stunning and they look perfect together!


  3. Thank you! (: That is what I will do now! and the 2 backs I will have it the living room / office ...our family room I will look for a lovely more colourful (not too much!) longer painting with Rocky mountains and nature....right?

  4. ohhh so wonderful paintings!! In dining room I prefer a mirror! It's look so stylish! and the paintings looks great over the sofa and in office:) ohh and fashion is only my hobby not a job:)I'm a teacher by proffession, but now I work in insurance company:)my hobby is also painting:) you can see my gallery on blog:)

  5. Totally agree with Sharon @ Fashion-Isha. Spot on, carrying the theme into both of the rooms, giving each painting a special space of their on, in special rooms. Don't even think about it, just do it!! And, I definitely think you could leave them unframed for awhile, very contempory & sleek. xx's