Sunday, October 28, 2012

Magically there!

One of the blogs I follow, "My French Country Home" got me thinking about "Grand Euro Stairs" and other sublime ideas one could improve a home with...

Which of the following images would you "magically" add to your home?! What is it that you are craving?

NO. 1 - This grand staircase with elaborate grillwork?

NO. 2 - Such gem as this English country sun room?

NO. 3 - My utmost favorite crafted by welders stairs and French yellow walls!?

NO. 4 - Antique doors from Bie Baert in Belgium found at another great blog: Belgian Pearls?

NO. 5 - Grandiose mosaic floor in your bathroom?

NO. 6 - New stone exterior? Smiling...

NO. 7 - Just a small Connecticut Island under your house maybe?

NO. 8 - Very high cathedral ceilings?

NO. 9 - Elaborate coffered ceiling instead?

NO. 10 - Mix of old with the new and some cool stone walls with old beams? Can you believe that this is a photo from a very old farm house in UK!?

NO. 11 - The perfect and private backyard for your inner city home? I think I need this one...

NO. 12 - Nude painting by Elena Evanoff (that was my choice by the way)!

What is your pick ... If there was magic?

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I'll have to say #2 :) and I agree, the french yellow is gorgeous! Hope your week is off to a good start!!


  2. Small Island under my home please ;) It's absolutely magic! ;)