Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nudity resolved: Elena Evanoff paintings

Ladies of style ... thank you.
Thank you all incredibly much for your "well trained eye" advice!

Here is what I did with our newly acquired paintings: Dining room and Office flourish with them. These rooms are symmetrically placed on each side of the front of our house and share the same glass French doors, so it makes complete sense to me.

Hope you like it!

Blue Dining Room:

Dining room, yes the Provence blue on the walls and ceiling as well as the blue-green marble top on our hutch are perfectly complimenting the colours in the painting, right?

Gray Office/ Living Room:

My husband jokes that the small hidden part of our office (peek behind the book shelf cabinet) that has all the large ("ugly") computer and printer stuff is his office and mine is the front elegant Art Deco desk ... well true to some degree, but now that we have the sexy paintings I hope he sits around a bit more ...smiles. It is partly a living room and my creative space.
The paintings just work with the walnut pattern in the desk so much that I could not put them anywhere else...Elena is an amazing painter!

Thanks for visiting!


  1. I love your new art and it looks wonderful in your setting/ so complementary to your decor!

    2012 Artists Series

  2. Perfect counterpoints to your home, Zaneta. I know you guys will enjoy them so much, and your friends will D.I.E. of jealousy...the artist will probably get more work. xx's

  3. Very nice and your home is lovely :). I like the soft blue wall behind the painting.


  4. Hi there..... I am finally back after nearly 10 days of being in the dark both literally and figuratively!! Its been crazy. Hope you are well....wow those paintings are magnificent! I really love that they are both provocative and elegant......enjoy!

  5. What beautiful rooms and the paintings just make the spaces...gorgeous!!

  6. the nudes are lovely!

    thank you so much for your kind words during this difficult time.