Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Perfect Fall Days...

Such a perfect fall day can happen when you have a girlfriend (Dorota in my case!) who brings you the most beautiful bleeding roses and stays for a much needed girl talk:

... and they inspire your sense of style...edging it with red!

Wow, peplums add curves in the right places, don't they? Etro sure does it well this season.

Such a perfect fall day happens when I watch my son and husband play hide and seek surrounded by falling leaves:

Or watching a child making the beautiful bouquet from the fallen leaves....

Also...Watching children rolling in the leaves and laughing....

When you help your little one with some related art work ...making the falling leaves useful!

Or when that son of yours helps you plant fall flowers in bright yellow!

And you get the idea that bright yellow fur would be the perfect look now...smiles.

And when you manage to make the perfect roasted turkey for the Canadian "Thanksgiving dinner" and feed your family whilst being so very grateful for all the happiness and health you have with them!

This is not my turkey roast by the way! I wish...mine looks like that on Monday and with that said, I wish you all in Canada a very relaxing and joyful and thankful holidays and soon to be in the U.S.A.!!


  1. You're entering beautifully into the spirit of Autumn there! I especially like the cheerful yellow flowers - well done to the young gardener.

    1. Thank you, and he is such a to be with(:

  2. Your Autumn sounds wonderful and your son looks so happy running about and playing in the leaves. Love your roses and the bits I can see of your home looks wonderful but I want to see more please!


    1. I will try to make a tour of my home post...Thank you Debra, but first I will bake your pumpkin cookies.

  3. Love all of this! Your roses are stunning and you did a wonderful job of mixing your own photos with fashion!


    1. Thank you for noticing Leslie, I am very visual and it sooths my mind often. Glad you like it!

  4. that autumn photos are so wonderful:)! your son is so sweet:) thank you so much for visit me:) my baby boy have almost 4 month:) and he is already so big:)

  5. That's so sweet! It's nice to hear from's been a while! I LOVE peplums. I have curves and for me they hide them! Have a great week!

  6. Hi
    Thanks for dropping by my blog, it's so nice to have found yours!:-)
    Love the roses and how you used them to introduce the gorgeous red elements into your post...I love the peplum belt, what a great idea, I'm wearing a peplum shirt today, so flattering.
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Fiona x