Thursday, June 5, 2014

random pink craze and my boys:

Pink craze continues, hello everyone.

Don't you just love Dior? This increadible top is my pick of the season, in pink of course and J. Crew has a nice version of a vintage pink merino wool top that will do me a lot of good service going off to playgrounds and about with the boys.

Now the top I actually needed and bought, J. Crew:

On line while drinking a nice cup of lavazza coffee...

Baby sleeping with a smile, yes sweet!  That is what I do, stare at my kids and take a ton of photos! What else?

Wishing you a beautiful happy weekend!



  1. Beautiful pictures. Sweet children. Beautiful you :))) kiss

  2. What a beautiful family you guys are. It's wonderful to see you, Z.
    Big hug on this lovely Sunday morning.

  3. Thank you both ladies!! So nice to hear that from you!! Xox z

  4. Hi my darling Z!
    It's been so long! How are you my sweet? Baby looks beautiful and well fed:). Good job Mom!! I am still obsessed with pink too and I am not a pink person at all. Love that top from JCrew and I actually love how the yellow contrasts with the pink. I have a yellow bag, so I might have to try this look. Beautiful pic of all three of you too. xx

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  6. Hi gorgeous!
    How are you doing? I hope you've been getting some rest!!:). Much love.