Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Everyone ALOHA!

Hello with style and comfort from me to you today.

We finaly have warmer weather and greener outdoors, so I look for the perfect "loafer" like every year! 

European women love their loafers, and so do people in Hawaii apparently.

Olukai company believes that everybody no matter where they are can live ALOHA in these beauties, and honestly, at first when I bought them I did not know where they are from but I thought to myself: "the most comfy loafer I have ever had" and really cute!

We love boats and sailing, so overall, I will use them on the playground, around the house, in the city shopping or sailing aloha away....smiles. 

I wore them today in navy to the pool where my son takes private swim lessons to feel beachy already:

With Aloha and healthy life go hand in hand the healthy foods we put in our fridge, and that begs the question: "why is the veggie compartment usualy so tiny?

Adding a deep clear tray for washed and ready to use veggies is the way to go ...

Under the tray is my veggie compartment, and right is fruit. So small and yet veggies and fruit is mostly what we store in our fridges, right (that and chocolates)? I must look for a different fridge. Perhaps a better design is available?

Liking this Sub Zero babe:

Time to enjoy the outside now, ALOHA.


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  1. Aloha Zane:) Love those slips on loafers! Great color and I'll bet they are super comfy. The sub zero.. love that too but not sure what I'll end up with. We are doing the paneling so it depends on what's available. Thanks for popping over today:) Yes, it's stressful with the construction project. I just want to get it going but the city is taking forever to finalize the permits. Hope all is well with the family! xxleslie