Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Runway to Workway Tuesday: Wearing The Pants!

This year (January 2013) Runway to Workway started by the classic Trench Coat we all need.

Second on the list, TROUSERS:

If you would listen to me, (don't listen if you disagree) you would already NOT own a single pair of "denim" pants, jeans, your uniform...what ever you name it...smiles.
Where ever I look, mothers and everyone is wearing some sort of jeans...it is frustrating to observe and I am not impressed NOR inspired.

It just happens that I don't wear them, because everyone does, they seem too casual and boring (rarely I see a really cool unique pair of jeans, I have one, by Dolce G in tie die!), so here is some fabulous inspiration on how to get you to LOVE anything other than denim...trousers!

My simplified tips for one week:
1. NO denim trousers;
2. NO exercise pants (outside the gym);
3. YES to fashionable trousers of all types;
4. YES to black, gray or navy trousers as a staple in your closet!

ESCADA spring 2013:

This would be a great everyday trouser by DEREK LAM, check it out:

And for some fun during the week or weekend, pick up these hottie pants by TORY BURCH:

Who says that only jeans make your "behind" look good?

Have fun wearing TROUSERS and not jeans (:
Wishing you a gorgeous week "wearing the pants".


  1. totally loving the patterns so very pretty!!
    wld love for you to visit my blog..and follow maybe?

  2. Great picks here! The skinny pant, TBurch, Derek Lam.. love them all and wear them to the office almost daily (or a pencil skirt!)


    1. But of course you do! You are stylish Leslie ... If you ever move to calgary perhaps you help me reduce the amounts of jeans here(: it seems like a uniform for many... Hugs z

  3. Oh,really inspired me with this post,love!