Sunday, January 13, 2013

Creating a New Living Room:

We did it. Moved the giant flamingo sofa to our Theatre room and chose a new one for the Living room near our Kitchen:

I fell in love wih this traditional Hancock & Moore "Chanel like" quilted sofa in a perfect Gray shade and the two Scottish wing chairs.

We are so not done!!
Need a coffee table;
Need pillows;
Need a painting;
Need a carpet.

Seriously it is fun.

Looked at some galleries as we want Rockies scenery here...

Which artist is your cup of tea?

1. Graham Shaw:

2. Pei Yang:

3. Jim Vest:

So pretty. Cubistic or impressionist ... Gorgeous. Which artist do you like?

Wishing you a productive start of the week.


  1. Graham Shaw - I like the unreal flatness. And yours is the very first quilted sofa I have ever seen, heralding a magnificent new age of quilted sofas. What fun you are having!

    1. Thank you Mise, really like your input and "flatness" never even occured to me, it is a great description, his work is astonishing ... oh the quilted look has an edge to it .... but I do like the victorian sofa was hard...just thinking that this one is better with my tuscan french nook, the iron chandelliere...etc. right? (:

  2. Your sofa looks fantastic and such a great color. I like the quilted look! It's fun to see something a little different and not the same cookie cutter style. Great chairs too!

    I'd have to go with Graham Shaw.. for the area that you are planning to place them. Can't wait to see your progress. I've got SO much to do in my house. It's overwhelming . I just keep taking baby steps.

    1. Thank you Leslie, it feels good to hear that you like the sofa too, it was a difficult choice for fa few times in my head was ..."can I still change my mind and get the Victorian sofa instead?"...probably yes...but can't keep doing it back and forth...
      You have a lovely house from what I saw so far and can't wait to see more of your work there!
      Yes, I am leaning toward Graham as well...smiles...thank you for telling me...just like Mise above, it is so great to hear you girls talk!