Sunday, January 20, 2013

Our son's bedroom & some to dream about...

Boy's bedroom decorating can be fun even for a girly mom like myself! Best is when "he" truly loves his room and lets you know it.

Here he is, Radovan with all (or some) of his "plushy" friends:

He would surely tell you that the best part of his room is his "car" (we know it is a bed) and his pillow stirrings wheel, of course and above all his "real" working TRAFFIC LIGHT!
My husband made him a beautiful tiger-wood rocking horse for his first birthday and that would be my favorite piece in his room...

Overall, my preference is to combine child furniture, or custom-built with regular grown up pieces.

My sweet niece Adela painted this Czech forest scenery and it so fits the childlike feeling in the room and adds a touch of that dreams come true magic.

Few treasures on his drawer chest...and a painting by JAMIE Moris of Daddy and himself.

Green walls, blue ceiling and silk checked shades that compliment the colours in the room (green, gray, beige & soft yellow with some traffic reds and black), it is an eclectic room...

Bathroom has off white walls and is simple with Italian gray-beige tiles and clear see through shower curtain so he can splash crazy but I still see him!! It was quite precious to see him admire his bathroom cabinet handles that i exchanged when we moved here a year ago, these are kids style but carry beautifully with more mature decor. Right?

The fun is not over! I have some huge plans to buy a veteran car and cut it in half and custom arrange it so it is shaped up into a bed (on the longer side of bed) so that he has to enter his bed by opening his convertible's door! How cool is that? We will decorate walls with more traffic signs and put up an area above his closet in the vaulted ceiling that would be accessed by a ladder and it would be an airplane cabin... No I am not too crazy, just having lots of dreamy fun with our boy and re-living the childhood imagination again.

Here are some bedrooms that I go to for ideas and that children may appreciate!

Don't you just adore built- ins?

It is so well done this bedroom below, so little space taken for 2 beds, shelving and 2 desks, and a lovely colour too!

The idea of a big black board on the wall has been on my mind for some time too... Perhaps the play room is a better place to install such a thing...I think that Stacey over at Design Addict Mom did a great job! Check it out:

Hope you had fun with me and dreamt a little!


  1. I want to be a kid again:) Love his room...not only does he have a car bed BUT a stoplight too! Lucky little guy......have a great day:)

  2. Ahhhhh, so cute and so much fun. Yes, he is a lucky little guy. Tell him Tina and I said so. xx's

  3. Thank you Tina and Marsha, how wonderful to hear from you both, such style icons! Hugs z

  4. I love that car! What a great way to make .. going to bed.. a positive experience:) Also like the hard ware on the cabinetry~perfect for a little boys room. The roman shade is so practical, as are all the colors. Nicely done!!

    Enjoy the start to a new week!


  5. What a fun room Radovan has! I love the car and the rocking horse. Funny when I was little I always wanted a car bed like the kid on Silver Spoons. :)

    Hope you're doing well and having a great start to 2013! xoxo

  6. Oh wow this is so adorable! You did a great job on this room.

  7. I want a car bed too!What an awesome room and superb job on your part! Thanks for the link love too:-). Love all the rooms you posted as well. Oh, I'm still smiling about your comment from my feng shui post. Have a lovely day Z! I'm freezing my butt off today, so will be trying to stay nice and warm!! xx

  8. Gracias por copartir estas bonitas imagenes.



  9. His bedroom is darling and know he must LOVE the car. Maybe Will would start sleeping if he had a car to sleep in - so cute!!

  10. Hi! Yes I'm back and I'm finally catching up! Have a wonderful week and thanks for your visit!

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