Thursday, May 24, 2012

Breakfast TV Calgary - What Skirt To Wear? 1 Look 2 Prices!

This morning on Calgary City TV Breakfast show we had both our Mode Models, Jessie and Rene, wearing the A-Line skirts with a significant benefit of this particular style being adaptable to every body type.
A-Line skirt is great because it is balancing the silhouette and emphasizes femininity.
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Among the other style stars of this season are the pencil skirt and the pleated skirt or bouffant with highly defined waist and they come in all different lengths.

The decission to feature the longer length is to show the skirt in the lenght that is the most popular for SS2012 but also most flattering to everybody, the below the knee is perfect for any height or age a woman may be!

Same look BUT each look is quite different when it comes to price!
Can you guess which one is $1855 and which one is $570?

Before we went "on air" this morning, I took a picture of them!
The photos are not as good as the camera work, so please watch the video below but first, can you guess what is more or less expensive?


Both A-line skirts are a bit bouffant at the bottom and if you want any bouffant at all this season, that would be the way to wear it.

For if you chose some bouffant around the waist, it is an instant weight gainer! ((:

We used to call these baloon skirts in the 80's but these A-lines from today, are not quite like that, they are more stream lined.

On right (Rene), wearing a look by Paul Hardy (shop at: Paul HARDY DESIGN.COM) the grays and nudes are lovely and very present. The sheerness in the skirt showing the second shorter skirt underneath is also a nice feature and everybody wants it for a good reason! Combined with the perfect nude platform wedge sandal by ARNOLD CHURGIN

On left (Jessie), wearing a look from Chateau Country Lace Calgary & this skirt is also unique with the lace edge and can be transformed from a bouffant bottom to a longer maxi skirt maintaining its A-line style. Wearing the black? Add the pop of colour as the strong hues and neons are seen to be presented on runways with the blacks! Adding the perfect ballerina flats by MUPs is ideal.

Click HERE to watch the Fashion Video!

Hope you enjoyed it and wheather you wear your a-line with flats (MUPs) or with the must have wedges (Arnold Churgin), you will rock the fashions this time!
Look your fabulous self(:

Hugs Z

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  1. Wow those skirts are amazing and would go great on my blog! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend!