Monday, May 14, 2012

Update on Gardening & Landscaping project!

Well, I don't know what I was thinking doing this myself, but I developed my plans on paper first and thought it was a pretty minor job (was I drunk? NO, unfortunately)... and then I did change it as I went along ... so I was happy I did not hire anybody because I enjoy the process of hands on work in the DIRT ((: And I am developing some serious back and arm muscle from it, I prefer this to going to the gym!

Here is the look before and a few pictures of what I have done so far & the evolution of it. My husband planted the trees for me, thankfully that is. My little boy Rad did lots of watering and a bit of shopping with us too & riding his little bikes tons, yes we are having fun outside.



This is before I did any sort of edging in the yard, and I can't believe that by now I actually edged almost the whole property ...back and front((:

Helping us shop and water ... our little Rad!

The right side of our yard above.

The right side of our garage above.

The left side of our garage above here. We planted a ROSE tree! Good luck to us with having it survive the Calgary winter...

The left side of our yard above. And still to plant is the tree on the left, Swedish Aspen tree.

And Mother's day update: it was a fun sunny day, we went out for a brunch with my husband's Mom and I did get a lot of kisses and hugs from my darlings!

The new "expensive & not needed" bridge in Calgary ...we had to take a peek at it!

Now, the true sign of SPRING being finally here is buying new "sandals" for RAD, which we did today, hurray.

Hope you are having as much fun outdoors as we are and till next time, HUGS Z


  1. Looks like you're just as excited as I am to get your hands into the soil, love it. We still need to plant a few trees along an edge where we
    lost a bunch to an ice storm a few years ago but all in good time. We want to layer trees that will give a show in the springtime. Rad is so cute and looks like a great helper. You really have a beautiful family.


  2. Wonderful family photos and sounds like a perfect weekend! There's just something wonderful about playing in the dirt :)


  3. so wonderful photos:) nice post!
    please visit me in free time:)

  4. DIY is a fun activity, but it is not necessarily true for all projects. That’s why some people prefer to hire a pro to do it for them. But the way I see it from your pictures and post, you definitely enjoyed doing it. Well, who wouldn’t enjoy it, if one of the helpers is your cute little Rad. Things like that will really make it extra special. How is it now, btw?

    Bethel Woodard @ Sollecito Landscaping Nursery

    1. Hello Bethel(: yes very happy I did it Lan looks great now(:

    2. And here is the backyard:

      But I will make a post soon with the garden being all grown and new changes as it is more luscious now((:

      Thank you for your lovely compliments!!
      Hugs z

      Ps hope you are having a good summer!