Thursday, February 18, 2010

Undergarments exposed?? S/S 2010 says YES!

There is no doubt that you will be seeing exposed lingerie this spring and summer, almost every designer is doing it! This photo was taken after our February Global TV fashion segment with fashions from the Bay Downtown Calgary, featuring what to wear on Valentine's day/night. But really, it is a sexy style for any day. You can view this clip on my website: ttp://
All models are from modemodels Calgary and Kiki on the left is daring the boyfriend look with pinstripe blazer, cardigan and masculine denim combining it with animal print sheer blouse and floral bra that peeks through (-: Oh and please wear the little socks with any shoes ... it is so "now".
Katherine in the middle is just too sexy in the little black dress that is "stretch and pull" contouring the figure like a perfect corset, only more breathable I think. And for all the other days when we need something really easy, last look is merely sweat pants "dressed up" ...she is wearing a blazer but it feels like a t-shirt! Also, notice the lingerie piece worn on top of her t-shirt, here is an idea how to wear this trend if you don't want to expose much nudity (-: And the harem pant...just feeling so edgy. Socks in your heels? I already said YES!

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