Monday, February 1, 2010

Real women with style! (-:

Welcome to the stylish modern women's blog who want to talk "fashion" in real on the left is my real world (-: my wonderful husband See Hon and our precious son Radovan. My decision to start this blog is perhaps clear from the title...being a fashion stylist myself, it would be nice to chat and offer a perspective on style to women who are 30 and older instead of "teenagers only" and yes, it is tiresome for women like myself to just watch children talking about style and the fashion world being so taken by them. These teens seem sometimes quite immature and have not enough substance to critique people who actually achieved something, the designers! We should not be forgetting that the real credit goes to all the designers themselves and their talents, as without them there would be nothing or just those kids blogging away who knows what (-: Of course, I think blogging is great and offers a fresh real people perspective ...just when the media is celebrating the blogging kids (who dress into adult designer clothing - quite funny actually) more than the real true artists themselves by suggesting (on Fashion Television) that they are the "future?" seems so wrong. Enough said about the kids, and yet speaking of them and family and keeping up with modern & your own style no matter how busy a mom you are is what I want to do here. My wonderful friend Shannon is a first "real woman" I will introduce to you next. She has an incredible style and 3 beautiful daughters... She is hot (-: comming soon!

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