Monday, February 1, 2010

Get dressed for the Canadian Olympics

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Olympics in Canada! (Check out the Feb 2010 issue of Fashion magazine - the fashion spread with supermodel Liisa Winkler wearing nudity and official Olympic clothing!) I loved styling the Bay/HBC downtown Olympic clothing combined with fashion clothing on Global tv. It is the trend "game theory" from that I kept in mind when dressing the mode models.

( by Elie Tahari)

I am not Canadian but I am proud my son and husband are (my son joined us for the tv performance as I thought he was so cute in his black denim skinny pants and Canada jacket & knit hat. He is 4 months and proud already!). And I get it, so cool to create the contrast by combining the elements of athletic style with strongly elegant & structured pieces or rock'n'roll & beaded or sequined looks from the modern fashion choices.
We presented our models in Olympic gear combined with vintage-like beaded silk blouse, structured blazers, skinny jeans, and printed jersey miniskirt! Have fun with it, Olympics are coming and you don't need to look like an athlete yourself...competing in it, but you can be modern and on with the trends (-:

(P.S. I am wearing the cool Olympic sweater (size XXL) from the Bay with metallic leggings by Paul Hardy and lace up Burberry boots. Accessories: son Radovan and Cartier Pasha watch)

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