Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Time for our BAY downtown fashion show AGAIN!

If you enjoyed our 100 years in BIZ anniversary show last may enjoy this one tomorrow on September 11 at the Bay Downtown Calgary.

Here is my make up inspiration for the super make up artists at NARS:

And my son Radovan is in it for the very first time! Just 2 looks but very exciting as he just turned 5 today and he is always insisting on being well put together. 

Chose a great ponytail for hair. Actually, 3 different style is a preview:

and the Calgary crazy weather is helping to set the fall/winter mood for changing up our wardrobe fast and furious! Yes we are furious I think...look at this...

Either way, back to work, loving the white collar shirts and quilting and Chanel ...smiles...and off to bed I am, XO Z


  1. I cannot get over your weather! We are still feeling like Summer. Hope the baby is doing well! Nice to see you back.

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