Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer Garden Greens:

Among all our roses, evergreens and hydrangeas, or Linden tree blossoms...yes there was some devine "kale" to be found and our dinner was revolving around it tonight!

P.S. I will be making a Linden flower tea from our own Linden tree: (yes picking up blossoms and killing ants at the same time...)

Truth be told, kale is amazing in a smoothie but it did cause me stomach acids (can be hard to digest) when raw as I found out the hard way, also, some claim that lightly steamed kale is healthier, more nutritious etc.

So here is my lightly cooked kale salad, about 10 minutes of prep work:

1. In olive oil and a little butter, fry onions on low heat, but very golden;

2. Add 1/4 cup rasins, 1 minced garlic and 1 tbsp capers;

3. Almost immediately add washed and cut up kale and on medium heat fry very lightly so it is still very raw tasting with a superb crunch to it!

4. You may add few pine nuts and sprinkle some grated cheese (I use german eidam).

Enjoy the summer greens!



  1. I remember the days when my children were young, all the fun we had doing absolutely simple things, this post makes me miss those days so much. I love you, Z.

    1. What a sweet lady you are and I hope we bring all the good memories to you and trust me, my kids are small and I miss already all we did few days ago (: I adore being with them! Love to you as well !! Xo z