Thursday, February 13, 2014

Our Love Day!

I really would but I won't wear this sexy dress by Gucci to a night date with my lover... "My husband"!

We will be staying at home....

Neither this one by Dolce & Gabbana....

Or imagine this combo with sexy gold mini in brocade by Dolce...

I may wear this cozy look by Dolce ....Smiles... As it is still winter where we live...and this look will go with me in the kitchen baking a delishious cake... For the 3 of us to share the love we have in our house.

I may need to take the fur top off for the baking task! Well, who am I kidding? 8 months pregnant I will not fit any of these dream ensembles ...

Instead, with my son we focus on selecting and making the perfect cake for us to enjoy!

Like the wedding cake we once had....hmmmmm, it was a divine French raspberry white chocolate cake!

Visit chateau Jemniste if you like to get some when you travel to the Czech Republic.

Or a French Fraisier cake? This is a really nice one... Click here for the Recipe.

I may simplify the French strawberry cake and go for this simple but tasty looking version by Martha Stewart! And go crazy on fresh whipped that is temptation ...

After all that and our son asleep in HIS bed, I know I will wear "nothing" to bed except for Chanel Noir!

Sensual romance....

Have a great love filled Friday, February 14th!



  1. Hello!
    These cakes look so sweet and so delicious.

    May your Valentine’s Day be filled with love and smile ...

  2. Sadly I won't be wearing any of these looks either! They are all fab though. Yummy looking cake! Happy Valentine's Day gorgeous. It sounds like it was perfect. Stay warm:-). xx

  3. Wow! such a sexy post here today:) Gorgeous dresses and irresistible sweets. Those raspberries .. I want to devour them! Hope you enjoying your weekend:) xxL

  4. That cakes looks amazing! So does the clothes. Hope you had a great day with your family! xo Caroline