Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Oscars and what to PUT ON:

What girl's girl or feminine woman wouldn't wanna think about or imagine or wear gowns suitable for royalty and looks that would impress whom ever we wish to impress?

I wanna seduce my husband of course but "flirt" I may with Leonardo... DiCaprio....Europeans's healthy ... Lowers blood pressure and improves heart health... Smiles.

And for all that I have found the perfect looks I would wear from fall 2014 runways.

Emilio Pucci and this sunset colour is my fav! Those cool casual pockets are temping.

No nickers please!

No bra either! 

Sexy is back.

Sexy is front!

Pucci has a bejewelled drama version too, one has to be noticed in this one!

Roberto Cavalli's rich prints and beautiful colours resembling an indigo night are sure to be right for me too...the 20's lower waist line ...among my favorite ones! 

Couple blogging friends with great taste may be an inspiration you enjoy as much as I did:

1. Amazing detail and lux fabrics that by Etro for "fall 2014" that Marsha at Splenderosa certainly picked well!

2. Lovely Leslie from Around the Table has tips for us ladies on true red lips and more, just watch the very helpful video!

3. Sweet Sharon from Fasion Aisha always knows how to give us the right advice and leather jacket is a great wardrobe staple.


  1. WOW, now I just need a body like that and I will sport anyone of those gorgeous outfits!!

  2. All those flowing fabrics are very sexy! Gorgeous colors too Zane and very romantic;)

  3. Such stylish looks - can hardly wait for the red carpet on Sunday - always love to see the fashions!! Happy weekend ~