Monday, January 27, 2014

Penthouse London's calling!

Not in our budget I may add but would be amazing to own no doubt. 

Thanks to the Russian classless Nouveau Riche and other mafia problems this maybe too pricey for even the RICH!

I have to share this great place though:

When daddy returned from London ... We got the red bus and tower bridge 3D puzzle! That must be better, right? Actually, we think so!

Even if London is too cool!!!!

XO, Z 


  1. Wow! What a place! A mansion indeed! Your little man is getting so big! xx

  2. Oh that would be a dream place!! I am going to London in March and if my children weren't state side I would consider staying!!

  3. Yes;) much better. The staff to take care of such a large place would be a pain to manage:):) Thanks for sharing Z. STUNNING property!

  4. Hi there....yes I think few things can beat a wonderful gift that came from the heart!! The place however could be a nice consolation price, lol! I have a friend who just moved from London and went on and on about how crazy its gotten and how the prices are through the roof.....but its fun to look!

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