Monday, January 20, 2014

Beautiful Weekend and Monday Entry Doors:

Hello and Happy Monday!

Truly, we had an amazing weather that came to Alberta, Canada and we headed out to the Rockies for the weekend taking advantage of our mountains at their best...

At around 10C plus we had a day of skiing and I can't believe how well our 4 year old did. All day without complaints and any tiredness showing...he kept going. There is something to be said for a 12 hour night sleep at this age!

Then we got to enjoy the Banff Springs Hotel and their lovely facilities all Sunday Morning ... like swimming in the hot pool outside. 

On the kid's bunny hill (but he did go on big chair with daddy too).

From our room...

I did work out! With a view....

Really love the old world "roman" feel of this pool and the castle like hotel in Banff. 

Yes they also have a great spa, worth visiting!

The Banff Springs Indoor Pool.

Outdoor Pool Fun...

Leaving back home...only an hour's drive ... 


I chose a lovely front entry or entries for you to perhaps try... some of them even lead inside the lovely homes... enjoy your start of the week! 


The French Blue....hmmmm

Gorgeous house and the entry hall is perfection.

Wood or Iron doors, love them the same. 

Just classic, right?

I still want the double wooden front doors...gosh have to catch up on my projects.

What a romantic setting, well, I fance the gravel path way above all other...just so country.

Pretty blue, and lantern inside.

Weathered beauty.

Outside and in - what a perfection...

Yes this is a strong Euro villa style at its' best no doubt, timeless.

Have a lovely Monday!! 

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  1. Beautiful photos of your weekend Z! Glad you had some R&R .. gorgeous pool and lovely spot to relax.

    I am saving a few of these images as my husband and I are preparing to move and possible remodel or build. Enjoy the start to your week!