Monday, March 18, 2013

Yet another cold? I say NO, thank you.

Hello and thank you for stopping by even if you don't want to get my son's cold! Yes poor boy is sick and that despite my new Vitamix smoothie machine and our healthy lifestyle. It must be the continuous depressive Calgary weather, snowing as I write. 

So how about this instead!?

Candice for Victoria Secret 2013

I am still a believer, and here is my favourite recipe, inspired by Lizelle Henegan, my beautiful friend, who came to Calgary with her family from South Africa, and this ever so attractive blond and slim and sexy woman is on top a "novel writer" but I can't tell you more about that now. Just giving you the visual above to inspire your imagination when it comes to my friend...

So here is my Lizelle inspired "green" smoothie recipe to start your day with: 

Place the following into your Vitamix blender:

6 icecubes
1 1/2 cup water

3 medium kale leaves (remove stalks)
2 large chard leaves
2 hand fulls of baby spinach leaves

1 small banana
1 small apple (cored)
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1/3 cup frozen raspberries or peaches

2 or 3 tbsp full fat greek yoghurt (I use vanilla flavored or plain)

Let it work it's own magic and use an available Child Labour

And when it turns off by itself, you may serve this heavenly drink to your entire family as the kids love it too! 


On another note and considering the terrible weather, I keep myself busy with interior decorating...and here is a fabric I picked for this lovely Louis XV ottoman that goes with my new Bergere chair!

What do you think? 

Those rosettes remind me of the ever so fabulous Dior Spring 2013 skirt: 

And here worn by Linda Fargo at the Bergdorf Goodman's party:

I just love this skirt way too much, so does Helen Mirren...looking royal in it: 

And the runway looks were well as worn by celebrities...

Isn't is interesting and great that everyone is wearing just a simple black bodice with this unique skirt? 

Hope you are having a healthy week and I am looking forward to hearing from you!



  1. I love your smoothie! Good for you Z and your little guy is getting all that great nutrition!! I remember when my kids were little and I was going through the " continuous cold after another.." time. I recall trying to sterilize my home and used every natural immune improvement herb I could find. When I spoke with my kid's Pediatrician, he said.. Leslie, no matter what you do.. it's going to happen and it's not a reflection on YOU.. it's all air-born and they (the kids) must develop their immune systems. This too will pass and I know you are the BEST MOM:)

    Great pic at the top..she is gorgeous.


    1. Thanks Leslie! you are sweet and supportive, I agree with your pediatrician, and I like germs ...I believe that they prevent allergies ((:
      And I am pretty sure you are the most wonderflul mom too!!
      hugs Z

  2. lovin the dior skirt and your fabric pick!

    i'm a smoothie girl too and love the instant energy i get from them!

    hope your little guy is 100% soon.


    1. that is wonderful, they are addictive I think, almost making me skip coffee in the morning now! hugs Z

  3. Take good care of that precious boy!!! And I love the look of your living room...nice choice on the fabric :)

  4. I try to have a green smoothy every morning, but I make them in my blender. My daughter just got a vitamix and is completely obsessed - I have to admit they do taste better...

    1. Glad to hear it(: I had my doubts as it is an expensive experiment but I am too obsessed ((:

  5. AWWW what a cute little child:) I hope he gets cured soon. AMAZING skirts btw.

    If you want to see an amazing webshop..check out my new post:)

    Have a great weekend dear

    LOVE Maria

  6. We have snow here as well! So tired of it by now! Wonderful fabric for that wonderful chair! Hope your son is well soon! xo Caroline

  7. I love the fabric and I love the skirt and I'm glad you're keeping busy with fun and creative things. I hope your son is better and I must get a vitamix machine!

  8. Poor baby! I hope he feels better soon! My kiddos have been sick on and off too with the cold and ear infections! Love the fabric for the chair! It's going to look fabulous! I'm thrilled to hear that you're making green smoothies. They are addict ing! Xx