Monday, March 11, 2013

Hallway seat update!

And some more regular life things that are happening...with us in Calgary.

Yes, thank you all ladies for wonderful comments & tips on the "sharp Wall Street" tuffet that is quite fun and colourful too... you were right, it looks wonderful in our hallway. 

You be the judge of that please! 

Normally, I keep the colours less bright, but our nook as you may have noticed reflects some of the same hues as this newly purchased tuffet (teal, blue, yellow, tuscan pink-red) and today we have some colourful  flowers on the table there in Tina's beautiful silver CREST from her Enchanted Shop! With time, this piece looks just perfectly aged, check it out HERE when it was new

On another note, our son Radovan has grown a lot since he was 3 (half a year ago exactly). He was 100 cm then and he is 106 cm now! And he is proudly almost always the tallest for his age ... 
Here he is:

And what makes us happy everyday besides the tons of hugs and kisses we give each other and to daddy is the unbelievable amount of SUN shine we get in Calgary! 
Here in front of our house, we play despite the snow...looking forward to the spring in Europe soon...

Hope you are having a happy week as well.


  1. So cute! And so much snow:) xo Caroline

  2. Yep, it looks wonderful! And, so does that precious child. xx's

  3. What a sweetheart:) Toddlers are so much fun and they are so funny!! I remember when my kids were this age .. they were hysterical (sometimes too silly;). We enjoyed every second and I can tell you are too.

    Your hall looks so pretty! Great colors and I love the piece you picked out. It's works perfectly there. Your breakfast nook looks so cozy and the piece you have from Tina is stunning overflowing with beautiful flowers.


  4. I love the has so much character. Thanks so much for your sweetest comment!!! It meant so much. Oh, and your little one is sooo cute!

  5. Love the tuffet and adore your kitchen nook and all the natural light! R is adorable and they grow up way too fast! Enjoy every minute together!:-)