Sunday, February 24, 2013

Runway to Workway Fashions: Oscars and Midi Skirts

Hello Ladies,
I had a few Red Carpet favourites and here they are...Which ones did you like?

I love "a son walking his proud mother" there on this infamous red carpet (having said that I will be always happy when ever my son will take me for a one on one walk anyplace)!

And the best dressed

Bye everyone.... Red Carpet Fashions are over and it is time to move on to our ...

RUNWAY TO WORKWAY STYLE: midi skirts, 40's elegance please!

It has been my favourite length for a while now, but seriously, every skirt I buy these days is below the knees. What is going on?

Is it because I want to hide my legs? I won't answer that...but can you also see how easy breezy elegant such classic skirt can be without making you feel OLD.

Well, Dries does it particularly well, no doubt. Youthful and playful yet sophisticated ... It is great for any office environment but also for "a stay at home MOM" like me, as one doesn't need to worry that the skirt is too short at the playground or what ever activity your child brings you you the feminine sophistication to feel respectfully separated from the toddler/ child like attire that one may tend to wear to fit the group! Watch out, save yourself...smiles.

Actually, one more thing, isn't it wonderful that shoes became less dramatic, less multiple platform heights again and small elegant heels returned to us?

All above is by Dries Van Noten (just amazing nouveau) and the last stripes are by Dolce & Gabbana...oh those stripes are making me hot!

And here is something for you Victoria Beckham, shop HERE for the hot red midi skit:

Wishing you a fashionable week with a midi skirt on your shopping list!


  1. Hoe cute is this little boy? And so many gorgeous dresses! xo Caroline

    1. Thank you! I obviously subjectively think my little boy is the cutest((: thank you!

  2. Love your little dapper! Agree with all your choices but would also add Jennifer G. and Naomi W. to the mix....overall some beautiful looks!

  3. I have to be honest I didn’t see any of the Oscars or pre show. A bug is trying to get me and I was sound to sleep in my chair before the festivities started. Anyway your little man is sooooo cute! Bow ties are always classic and his watch is the perfect colorful accessory.

    Enjoy your week!

    1. Thank you Debra and TINA, both for your compliment to my son(: He is my life...
      and sorry to hear about the cold Debra ...hope you are well soon and Yes Jen and Naomi were stunning too...I tried to narrow it down (: But agree Tina, these women were beautiful ... it was lovely to watch them.

      xo Z

  4. Such beautiful picks! My favorite gowns on generally a more simple, elegant style. The mid-length skirt is the way to go! Mine are at or below the knee. I can getaway going a tad bit shorter with thick leggings (a entirely different look altogether). I think that mature women look so classy when they don't try to show to much. What we wear also depends on how our bodies look after babies!


  5. What a precious little man you have!!!! Awesome!