Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Luxury Favorite: between the sheets.

And just between us women, a question for you:

"Have you ever felt like you need to iron your face in the morning?"
Well, I admit to you all that since my mid 30's it has been a more common occurrence for me until I heard somewhere that with age comes the ability to afford "the best of the best"...smiles.

We are not talking about skincare products or cosmetic help of any kind here...(they won't help in this instance).

Look between your sheets ladies!
Yes, let's talk luxury sheets and pillow cases in SILK only.

Resting my face all night on soft silk pillowcase or sheet is the best thing ever that can happen to me at night in bed...well that and my husband next to me of course!

No more lines and impressions in my skin that take longer to disappear than drinking a morning coffee.

It really works, thankfully...

Creating a luxurious bedding situation, I use MANITO SILK sheets and pillowcases to pamper my skin and avoid the morning horror of folds in my face!

Then, mixing in the loveliest linen or cotton tattered shams and duvet cover from MATTEO creates the unique comfort with a stylish edge.

Both together make me feel like Italy married Provence in our bedroom, that is perfect then....

Whatever you choose, pamper your face in silk heaven over night...
Wishing you a smooth face mornings and wonderful week.


  1. I totally agree with you. I am 40, so I need it:) First bought silk pillow cover for my long hair, since I was told I would not wake up with all those tangles in my hair...but it´s really good for your face as well! Have a lovely day! xo Caroline

  2. I am definitely going to have to try this - my skin needs a little pampering. Happy Wednesday!!

  3. The husband doesn't like silk sheets he thinks they feel slippery. Instead we sleep on European Egyptian cotton sheets in a high thread count and they do the same thing.

    Happy Hump day!

    1. Hi Debra, yes I can see your Man's poin (: but for me with any cotton I still get folds...I would just cover my own pillow in silk only then... and leave your Mr. Man with cotton (: Or I think you just must have better and firmer skin than me...It is probably genetic... Happy Hump day to you too!
      xo Z

  4. Hi lovely!
    I'm behind on catching up because I'm nursing two very sick kiddos:-(. How are you? Great post! I'm 36, so I need all the pampering I can get. Like Debra from acquired objects, I do the high thread count in cotton. However, I still have some silk ones... Happy Wednesday!

    1. You are young! (: good luck with the nursing .... they are cute no matter what...sick or not! xo Z

  5. What a fabulous blog! Cook book writer!
    I will check that out , I love to cook and my kitchen is filled with cook books!
    Looking forward to following u!
    xo Karolyn
    The Relished Roost

  6. MMMMM LOVE that silk:)

    If you want to see a cute Swedish webshop..check out my new post:)

    have a great day dear

    LOVE Maria

  7. Omg the first time that happened to me was this past time I traveled to Israel and when I woke up from a night of dehydrated, jetalagged sleep my face was full of creases that took about two hours and 5 glasses of water to smooth out. I knew I was getting old then :(

    Good linens are so important! Have a wonderful weekend!

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