Monday, July 9, 2012

RUNWAY TO WORKWAY: western style

Last Year, the new princess Kate worn the Stampede Western style immaculately in Calgary (don't you just love a fabulous blouse and perfect denim and the right cowboy hat!):

And on the runways, my favourite designer for Western style is Ralph Lauren (right after Dolce & Gabbana - see my previous RUNWAY TO WORKWAY post), who is not only recognizable but incredibly feminine and classic YET setting new trends each season! Love the quality and the style he represents and here are few images I found on Pinterest to share with you:

And today at the Stampede grounds I have seen lots of short shorts and long skirts and fun things that people wear...some are "wrong" and some are "right" and you judge it for yourself:

short shorts...

long skirts...

beautiful horses...

you may buy a horse saddle too....

and you will feel safe with our cowboy security and police all over LOL

After seeing it all there tip is this...THE PERFECT COWBOY BOOT will make the outfit happen, will give you an edge and transform even the simplest look into the western hit!

Let me introduce our very own...Calgary ALBERTA BOOT COMPANY

...eel name it...they have it!

Have a wonderful, western and fashionable week!


  1. ohh I love that style:) clothes with fringe are wonderful! ohh thank you, my baby boy is so calm and lovely especilly when he do many funny but sweet faces:) sorry for my englis - I know it's not very good:)

  2. great post--my friend just spend the weekend in Calgary and we joked about what she was going to wear--love the RL look--its so timeless!

  3. This is a cute post. These looks are great! I just followed you on google!

  4. I always wanted some cowboy boots, now I'm just more motivated :) I love the horseys too. And I agree, Kate looked amazing!

  5. Amazing post!!!


  6. Also a fan of RL .. Western look. I like the long fitted skirt with the wrap around belt, beautiful blouse, and scarf. Long or short, dark or light, jeans are always one of those classic items and how fun is a cowboy hat for the right occasion?!

    Hope all is well and that you are enjoying your summer!