Friday, October 10, 2014

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you all:

Sun inside and out: we are thankful for being together and all the love that we share!

We play already together!

We will have friends over for a couple roasted ducks (not turkey)...

For beautiful decorated pumpkins' inspiration visit Tina at the Enchanted Home blog: who would have guessed the time for simple pumpkins is over and nowadays they resemble easter egg decorating...smiles..I will stay just simple I think.

We baked thes delish Martha Stewart pumpkin squares.

Recipe HERE

Happy Autumn and weekend to you!



  1. The pumpkin squares sound delicious! Your home is looking so festive Zane and i can't believe how the baby has grown:) enjoy your holiday! xxleslie

  2. The children are too adorable! I love the art in your dining area just stunning and the pumpkins look fantastic too!