Friday, November 21, 2014

Love socks now!

I love comfort ... Do you? But not without style and femininity.

But as far as socks go, often they don't have it all!

Well, perhaps these do... I have been enjoying them now for few days (fresh pair every day I may add in case someone is wondering ...) and recommend you get some. They may be for yoga and Pilates ... But I use them for everything ....the softness on your soles combined with lace or netting on top...

In summer or spring I wear those "all lace" styles but in this cold weather ... How to combine beauty and practicality? With Sashi.

At home not only they look like beautiful flats or ballet slippers on your feet but do they have a fantastic grip on those slippery surfaces and stairs!? Yes. 

FEET up and relax. Why not?

Have a "sock on" cozy weekend!



  1. Very stylish Z! Have you been working on your blog? This is the first time in a while that I've been able to access it:)

    1. Hmmm ... Quite peculiar isn't it? I am not a computer person but will ask my hubby(: glad to See And read your posts sometimes and hope you are enjoying life! I may not have as much time to write bu I still read(:
      Hugs z

  2. How nice to catch up with you, my dear. You have expanded both your family and your collection of socks most magnificently since I saw you last.

    1. Wasn't I pleased to see your posts coming back! Love to read your writing and wit! Not quite the same anywhere but your style my dear!!!xo