Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bring the Sunshine in the House:

Hello from a snowy but very sunny Calgary!

Let me introduce our second baby boy Evzen - our sunshine - born at the end of March! His big brother is terrific and very proud. 

We couldn't be happier!

Another (shorter than 9 months) idea how to bring the bright and happy inside your home is perhaps "with paint". 

Considering that half of our house is north facing, we chose warm yellow for some areas. Falling in love with "danse du solei" by Benjamine Moore was easy and when surrounded by a suitable colour scheme, it can be one of the most stylish French country colours. 

I meant to change our basement powder room from this yellow colour into soft powder pink, but I will keep the yellow scheme now(:

Liking these bathrooms:

Or these other spaces.... personaly, my advice is to use warm natural wood colours furniture (walnut) and soft whites and beiges as well as grays and adding a bit of blue, green, French pink . 

Lots of these additional colours in contrast with the yellow walls will create more casual feel or vibrant and just a hint of them, small amount will produce a sophisticated feel that is a bit less country.

In our home, I chose a hint of blue-greens, French pinks and blues, majority of grays and beiges and natural wood tones of course (cherry and walnut). It is a lovely yellow that is not too orange or pale in any light or evening. 

Even just a table in soft yellow is great!

Or fun leather seating...

Even tiles are stunning.

Just love those walls..

Soft pallete and less additional colours...

More vibrant contrasts!

Yes we do have lots of gray walls in our home too and it is my personal favorite to combine yellow colour and grays!

Now I have the double sunshine ... my kids and the "danse du solei" walls. 

Hope you are having a bright and shiny week like we do and enjoyed the colour fun with me!


  1. Big congratulations!! Just Darling!!

  2. Priceless photos Zane. Congratulations and enjoy every minute :) Wishing you all the best with your new little bundle of joy. xxL

    1. Thank you Leslie! We are enjoying hugely the pajama days and snuggles ((:

  3. Zaneta, big huge congratulations on the new tiny one. This is a wonderful pic of your darling family. You look beautiful. Loving the yellows. I once had a yellow & white room overlooking our pool...totally wonderful, and I didn't tire of it at all. God Bless All of You. xx's

    1. Marsha, you are very kind and thank you! So very special to cherish my men and to hold a new life in my arms! Xo

  4. Hi Z!
    I am sorry to be so late to this wonderful announcement! Life has been crazy busy!! Oh my, he is PERFECT!! Congratulations to you all. Enjoy every minute my darling. Loving the yellow inspiration too. xx