Saturday, March 8, 2014


DEAR Beautiful Women!

I wish you ALL a wonderful IWD and with focus on the healthy and beautiful YOU, staying ahead of temptations, enjoying only what is good for you...

I am sure you are aware of it all or better yet, YOU know more than what I wrote (i.e. "linked) here (please send it all my way!!),  but if you like a little stimulation, here it is and have a GREAT "ALL WOMAN" DAY!

NEXT time you visit me, don't expect any sugars, sausages or fried anything....but I will serve beer, apparently beer hops are a source of collagen production (growing up I was told it is gonna make my boobs grow - not true at all), well BUT collagen increase that is the best news ever ... such a very enjoyable face lift...smiles. 

P.S. yes I am up at 4 am reading about healthy foods (pathetic but my new hobby is to create files and files of information about nutrition) ALSO this "baby kicking thing" is a huge pain.

I am off to bed to celebrate IWD...


START WITH THE REVIEW OF  "world's healthiest women"!

Stop Eating the foods that Dietitians won't Touch! 

(fiber bars, processed with sodium nitrate in it meats, sugary cereal, flavored gelatine...etc.)

Enjoy and Stay Healthy with something Better....(salmon, chia seeds, kimchee or Souerkraut...)

Love of KALE goes really FAR!

Skin has been on my mind recently and boosting your collagen sounds like a first thing to do!

Has anybody looked at the book by Cameron Diaz: The Body Book ? Let me know what you think and what your review is....I may read it ... she does look good...

What a style ICON - Lauren Santo Domingo is so effortlessly chic, agreeing with Caroline at her blog: Beautifulosophy!


  1. Great post and bravo for eating healthy (though i do love my jumky food) I am trying to be a good girl and started exercising again a few weeks ago which definitely helps me want to be and stay healthy. Hope you are well!

  2. Mmm, I may need to take a look at the book;) Yes to kale.. baked or in a salad.. it's so good. Glad you are staying healthy Z. Enjoy your weekend! xxleslie

  3. I know it must be getting uncomfortable to sleep now with a growing baby! How exciting! I might have to get a copy of Cameron's book! Looks great! I am all for eating healthy too.

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  5. Wow beer? Who knew? I don't like the taste but maybe I'll put it on my face :)
    Have a great week!

  6. I also love healthy living, although I need a break over weekends...xo Caroline