Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Czech Potatoe Soup: perfect for the end of summer

The air has changed, a bit more fresh and chilly in the mornings, but we still have the summer veggies at the markets  in plentyful amounts and these days it is a perfect time for a good vegetable potatoe soup as we transition into fall and we don't really want to be there yet.
Besides, it is a nice change to those everyday varieties of cold salads!

I grew up on it and when you love potatoes as much as my family, you may likely love this soup!

The "secret" or important ingredients are: potatoes and marjoram.


Place peeled and cubed potatoes (3 medium-large) in a pot with water (2 L) and bring to simmer, covered on low heat.
Add peeled and sliced carrots and parsnips (3 each).
Just simmering on low, keep adding what the house offers! 
In mine today I have added chopped red pepper, fresh peas (1/2 cup peeled), cauliflower (1 cup cut in small bits) and simmer on low until potatoes are just soft but not overboiled, somewhat al dente I suppose.
Add salt and ground pepper to taste. You can use Vegeta soup spice if you like it, I do. 

At the same time prepare the basic bechamele souce:
Melt 1/2 cup butter on low in a steel pot and add a few spoons (approx. 5 tbsp - add butter to reduce thickness if needed) of all purpose flour  and keep mixing with a wisk until golden brown.
Put it all in the soup and add minced garlic (2 cloves), 2 tbsp of dried marjoram (gently mash it in your palm before adding it). 
Soup is still simmering on low and you will add 2 eggs and stir around, and add chopped flat leaf parsley, give it a minute and voila, turn it off and serve!

1 potatoe soup + 1 happy boy = great lunch and great day.




  1. Taky celá rodina milujeme bramboračku. Zdravím z Vysočiny. Mějte se krásně, Markéta

  2. That looks like a lovely robust soup, Zaneta, a meal in itself with those eggs added. If only my children were as willing as your little boy to have soup...

    Good health and good wishes to you, and I hope you will soon be over the difficult stage.

  3. Looks delish Z and your little man looks so handsome in green! xx