Thursday, September 6, 2012

Horse riding urge:

It is blatantly obvious that our little boy wants to ride! He spent an hour on a pony the very first time and keeps demanding we go ride more...

The WORDS out of his mouth are YAHOO!!
Have I mentioned that he is not even 3 yet?

I tried riding too and fell in love. We live in Alberta and really as my husband says: "when in Rome..."

On the other hand I say: "that it is a perfect opportunity to wear the hot elegant riding clothes too!"
And then I say: "let's go SHOPPING."

Well, that is how easily a new hobby can be created. Especially when I can buy clothes!

Plus you would have to see what I was desperately wearing when riding a horse this past weekend... Not ideal we may conclude, right?

Hence the BOOTS come first to be my purchase.
What do you think? Like these? Any advice you experienced riders out there you may offer a beginner like myself?

Or is the short boot more versatile and better for everyday riding....? Help me someone!

I seem to like the DUBLIN label lots...not knowing much about the riding brand names, I am determined to research it thoroughly. In the mean time, please honor me with your tips and knowledge, and thank you in advance!

Enjoy your weekend riding or not, it will be a hot one in Calgary!



  1. Your son is so cute on the pony but he's going to have to grow into those stirups. I never thought of riding as an excuse for cute clothes and we have horses up the road I can ride or not. I need to go shopping!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Your son is adorable! I love to ride and the "riding look" is one of my favorites. Those riding pants are so fun :). I have Frye riding boots.. Very comfortable

    Have a nice weekend!

  3. First of all pics was nice. I love riding I think the boots are little fancy but I liked jacket and trouser. Thanks for this wonderful sharing.
    Posted by: Caitlyn | Equine Clearance