Tuesday, April 2, 2013

There is a light ...

How do you select and shop for lighting fixtures? Where do you go?

Perhaps it is a simple and easy task for some but it has taken me over a year to kind of make it in our new house yet there are a few that I have not replaced after moving in, let me just say they all need to go.

Finally, I found the perfect lantern for our staircase that features black iron railing ... The lantern is made of an antique bronze and probably used to hang in a commercial or institutional setting c 1930, was restored with black and gilt polychrome finish and is just over 4 feet tall. It was refurbished by a wonderful company "Rejuvenation" because after receiving it last week, we were impressed with the work they have done, the packaging and speedy shipment.  It is exquisite. I will be their repeat customer ... Take a look...I will share more images once I am back from our European travels and once it is up where it belongs... our staircase. 

Some eye candy for lighting fixture connaisseurs could be this art deco marvel below that I photographed at the chateau Jemniste the other day, as we visited the place that we got married at ... this chateau is special and romantic for us and always will be...but this chandellier is a gem, right?!

It has been cold over here, but we were very warm in our hearts, especially seeing our wedding chateau after 5 years with our son for the first time, and him hugging the tree we planted on our wedding day (red oak) ... it certainly grew up! Just like our boy I shall say. 

After staying for 2 nights in one of the Chateau Jemniste rooms (Rainer - our wedding room) we headed to my parents and brother's houses for Easter celebration.

Where do you go for the LIGHT?



  1. This is a wonderful post:) filled with beauty and fond memories. I like like photo of your son and the tree.

    The chandeliers you show are beautiful and remind me that I need to replace the one in my entry.

    Hope your week is going well:) I'm back and have my first post up. Blogger is not refreshing the link so unless you receive my posts via email you won't see it. Hopefully this will resolve soon!


    1. Thank you Laslie! That is my fav photo too, it is very special because when we planeted the tree i was thinking that it might hopefuly one day be true that our child hold the tree(:

  2. What a beautiful light fixture! And the photos from you holiday are amazing-you have a beautiful family. Such a sweet post!

  3. I smile every time I come to your blog and see your precious son and you...love the image! So happy you're having a great vacation. Love your new fixture and can't wait to see it hanging!!

    1. Thank you(: and yes i do post a lot of my son's photos... Addictive.... We are in Europe for a month but i will hang that beauty as soon as we return and can't wait!

  4. OMG I LOVE this post:) and you seemed to have a lot of fun on that trip.

    I wish you a wonderful weekend dear

    LOVE Maria

  5. What a beautiful place! You and your family too! xo Caroline