Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Czech Republic, visiting continues, the country-side.

You may have seen here on the blog, that we are currently visiting Europe, the Czech Republic, my home town, all my relatives and parents ...even grandparents, which is great grandparents to our son Radovan. 
We left before Easter and went to see Jemniste near Prague first, the chateau that we got married in, take a peek "HERE". 

We will stay a whole month and it seems that the welcoming snowstorm is a real history now and spring is all around us finaly.  
We were enjoying the snowdrops outside today!

Radovan is very excited about all the relatives and family always around and the daily kindergarten visits (just for 2 hours) and learning songs and rhymes and playing with the Czech kids is an extra added bonus, and I am extatic that he can attend the same kinderkarten that I went to myself!  Suddenly he is speaking such long sentences...it is fun to watch him. 

After Kindergarten Class Today!

I was also pleased to discover what a great cook my brother has become and he bought me several cooking books with some great Czech recipes, in case you want to get it, click "HERE" or wait for me to make some of the dishes and I will post about it later when we return to Calgary...smiles.

My favourite was the stretched pastry Vienna type of strudel that my little brother made and I have not eaten a better one even in Vienna's famous hotel cafe. It tasted double sweet as his log cabin Wallachian  traditional house is very cozy and filled with family...nothing can be better. 

I forgot to photograph the whole strudel but here is a small piece of it (very left side) on the table along with the home baked bread rolls that my brother mastered!

And when in the Czech Republic, one must not omitt the shopping for famous porcelain products, like Karlovy Vary porcelain that I have been busy with too, very pretty indeed.

I have selected some beautiful easy silver-white pieces for every day use and beautiful teal-green cup & saucer set with hunting theme, that I just love and fits with my green blue dining room!
Judge for yourself: 

Yes, if you are thinking that it must be hard to transport them all the way across the Atlantic, you are RIGHT, but I can not NOT buy porcelain every time we are here, it is just too hard. I am an ADDICT! 

Hope you are having a lovely week as well! Let me know how you are doing ...



  1. This is a beautiful post and the china is to die for!

  2. I love this post and how wonderful for you to send your toddler off for visits at your own kindergarten! Yes, bring the china, it must be used! xo Caroline

  3. Zane your china is gorgeous! I can see why you couldn't resist. Radovan is such a handsome boy and glad to hear he's enjoying his first taste of school. Enjoy your visits! Oh and our snow is finally melting off...woohoo!


  4. You have to have the china - to beautiful to leave behind...you know how precious I think your son is - so glad he's happy!

  5. Goodness! The china is gorgeous Zane! I couldn't have resisted ;)

    Glad your son is enjoying school. He is darling and such a handsome little guy;)

  6. Yes, yes go the china! So beautiful! I'm thrilled that you're finally enjoying beautiful weather! A whole month- yippee! Have fun! Great pics! Xx

  7. How to you transport the porcelain over? I spend several months per year in Prague (Novy Smichov) and only just now attempted to bring porcelain back on the plane. Despite it being perfectly packed, it broke after TSA opened the box to inspect it. What is your secret? Also, I purchased mine at an antique store. Where do you usually shop for China?