Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Snowdrops on Valentine's as always ....

And it is so very special for me as these Eastern European flowers are hard to find! Blooming only in the early spring when snow is still on the ground....they are the first flowers to show up.
My husband searched for them since he proposed to me and now he has a "guy" who brings them for him from BC! Lucky me... Ahhhh

And the beautiful spring smell they give is heavenly! Lilly of the valley ... Similar but they smell much too strong ... Snowdrops are like a blend of fresh snow and spring in the air with a touch of sweetness of childhood to me.

Have a lovely Valentine's day!


  1. Gorgeous and I can nearly smell them from here, the smell is so intoxicating, love the scent. Your husband sounds so romantic:)

  2. Oh! I love Lilly of the Valley!! Your husband is so sweet to make sure you have them:)

    Thanks for your sweet comment today. I wanted to let you know that I am having a problem with blogger.com and my published posts (and my blog roll) is not working. You will see that my post on your blogroll is from a week ago. So.. my readers don't know I've published something and I can't see you. I'm totally upset and a little discouraged. ..not sure what I will do. My blog is supposed to be a social outlet and a way to give back. I'm spending SO much time on it and I'm not sure I will continue :(

    Hope you have a nice Valentine's Day:)


    1. Leslie, yes I noticed something wrong with the updating of your blog and it is frustrating for sure. We put effort into writing it and all that information you put there is hopefuly not lost, my husband said he will look into it and maybe see what is wrong ... I believe it is fixable! Hang in there and stay positive! Xo z

  3. One of my favorite flowers - love that he still makes sure to bring them to you!! So wish that delicious scent was in my home right now ~

  4. Beautiful flowers! A lovely gesture of your husband! xo Caroline

  5. They're so pretty! I hope your day is full of love!