Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wool in Summer: Merino, have you tried?

Me, Radovan, my dad

If summer looks like this...smiles...snow and ice in the mountais at Lake Louise, Rocky Mountains, Canada, you surely need Merino Wool layers. 

Have I mentioned that this product never washes out of shape, never lost it's colour, looks like new for over 4 years now (my long sleeve skiing t-shirt)?! 
And NO, Icebreaker doesn't pay me for promoting them...

Otherwise, finding out that Icebreaker now has summer dresses and T-shirts available just made my summer! It is a beautiful material that doesn't itch even the most sensitive skin, it feels soft and amazing on, and it prevents any "sweat odor" so I love to dress my hubby in it...

Obvious as it may be, I first dressed myself and would greatly recommend you these lovely looks:


Hope that you enjoy this superior material as much as I do, my son does, my dad does now too and of course the person who pointed it out to me, my husband who loves the men's line!

Sailing a cat last week in British Columbia was also amazing with merino Wool Clothing.

With or without merino, I hope you are having fun like us!

Have a wonderful start of summer.



  1. Beautiful fabric and I love all the styles you are showing. This line would be perfect here in the pacific northwest. Thanks for sharing and I love the top photo! xxleslie

  2. I agree with you, the right merino wool (cashmere as well) is totally right for summer, and especially those chilly nights (at least here in Sweden!) Hope you´re well! xo Caroline

  3. Gorgeous pictures of you and your family Z! Loving the dresses you showed here! How have you been? Happy Monday doll! XX