Thursday, March 7, 2013

Entry hall setting seat

Is this ever a fun blend of colours or o do you hate it? 
I don't know but this whimsical style of MacKenzie-Childs is getting to me that is if I use just ONE piece in my home to make sure I keep the over-all feel more elegant and even it too much? smiles....
I am looking for a stunning strong piece of this shape and size for our front entry hall because we have a very large space there with doors leading to other rooms and not much wall to place a settee anywhere so it has to be round seat in the middle in front of the entry doors for everyone to sit down when getting their shoes on or off!


This Cameo & Ribbons Tuscan fabric is my favorite though and thanks to BELGIAN PEARLS AGAIN ( ) I found this magical place with romantic fabrics: Kate Formman 


This typicaly 18th Centurty French design with its fine drawing? Loving the gentle lines here...I must use one of these fabrics somewhere!

And the delicious Roses in reds, pinks and sage, can't get enough of them.

What is your favourite fabric place you go to when you need the perfec one?

Also, one fabulous superwoman blogger has inspired me with her hallway styling...and many other her fashion sense and line! Check it our at Sheridan French Blog!

Hope you are having a lovely week.


  1. What a nice thing to plan, how to fill the hallway, I love a good hallway! A round table in the middle is super nice and elegant I think. Mydesignchic blog today had a post on that. Hope you're in for a good weekend! xo Caroline

  2. Zane I personally think you should go for the MacKenzie-Childs piece it's fabulous! It isn't to over the top and will give your front entry a pop of color. The black and white helps to ground the piece and keep it looking elegant. It's a wonderful design!

    I was having a good day and then it started snowing again, another foot coming...sigh! Is it cocktail hour yet?....;)


    1. Really appreciate the thoughtful and helpful advice here! Coming from you Debra, it is comforting to know that I am not going weird here (:
      and Calgary is having the same snow situation, cant waif for it to stop...
      xox Z

  3. I don't think you can go wrong with Debra's advice. Just don't do another piece of theirs. Love the idea too.

  4. You are wonderful for letting me know your opinion Marsha! You have great style too and similar to Debra, it means a lot to me(: I forwarded your website to my he can buy me your lovely earrings!
    hugs Z

  5. We posted on hallways yesterday..thinking alike. Just love the idea of the Mackenzie Childs piece...great touch of whimsy added to a space!!