Monday, June 4, 2012


The garden and flowers inspired me and my style choices;
and with that, doing a weekly outfit suggestion called "Runway to Workway" should be on my ZanetaStyle blog a regular Tuesday posting, right?
I hope you will enjoy it...

My son just helped planting the most stunning electric BLUE Hydrangea bush in a blue flower pot because my perennial bush is taking too long to even say hello or peek at us and I could not wait any longer to see such amazing BLUE!

So our look for the first week of June "Runway to Workway" is BLUE and WHITE with the lovely Hydrangea in mind!

I CHOSE THIS LOOK FOR the Runway to Workway inspirational dressing: by Paul Smith:

It is perfect for a work look or a day look during the week and I had to think of Tina from the THE ENCHANTED HOME BLOG as her "blue and white" passion is famous! ((: and I believe she would enjoy this colour combo too!

Here is how you can achieve this kind of look without being able to find the Paul Smith one!

These are similar pants by Elizabeth & James and you may get them on NET - A - PORTER . COM

Wearing it with this lovely JIL SANDER BLOUSE

Or perhaps this solid colour blouse is more you? DVF Blouse

And you can show your toned arms with this LANVIN draped top.

And if this is not the look for you this week, please scroll below to get more inspiration from this addictive BLUE!

The hair maybe too much for a week day look? Sure save it for the weekend (:

ALSO, if you don't want just the blue and white after all:

I was quite taken by this lovely post ON BLUE WITH RED by Sharon from FASHION ISHA BLOG !!

Hope you had a nice time with the BLUE dreaming today and have a great well dressed week!



  1. Wow I was really loving this blog post and then I saw you mentioned me!! What nice surprise!! THANK YOU!!!

    I love blue in decor and fashion and this post is amazing because you connected your gorgeous garden with these photos. How creative!!

    Keep up the amazing blog posts!!

  2. All lovely! I'm sitting here musing over the dilemma I would face if offered with the choice of either your blue hydrangea or the Jil Sander blouse. I might have to cheat and make a grab for both. I like the new series!

  3. I just love the blue inspiration! And what a good little helper you have. The hydrangea are gorgeous! :) xoxo

  4. wonderful inspirations! your garden and flowers are so beautiful! thank you so much for lovely comment:)!!

  5. Wonderful post and that electric blue hydrangea is AMAZING! Your son looks just adorable "helping" :) Beautiful blue and white clothing! Very pretty Lanvin blouse and DVF is always a classic. I managed to pick up a few items from the net-a-porter site.. great sale!