Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kitchen Nook Frenzy

It is weekend time and we love to gather with my parents in law for a meal in our cozy kitchen nook...I keep working on improving it and have just added a few newly upholstered cushions. I have been "over time" inspired by a few and here they all are to share with you!
Which would you chose? ((: Mine or one of those others? Let me know your fancy...

just a million photos of mine first and then you will be tired to look at those beautiful others!

NOW PLEASE ENJOY ALL THE OTHER BEAUTIFUL NOOKS (19 to be specific) AND I hope that will relax you into the weekend mood filled with family and good food!

CHOICE 1: funky modern style

CHOICE 2: red & white empire feel

CHOICE 3: elegant french

CHOICE 4: eclectic country

CHOICE 5: french manor

CHOICE 6: cottage heart charming

CHOICE 7: french country chateau

CHOICE 8: library included (:

CHOICE 9: unusual

CHOICE 10: rustic cozy

CHOICE 11: Victorian?

CHOICE 12: Zen Zen almost Asian

CHOICE 13: incredible Tina's - ENCHANTED HOME

CHOICE 14: fancy beach house nook

CHOICE 15: green - yellow - blue combo

CHOICE 16: blue - white combo

CHOICE 17: nude

CHOICE 18: fun colors all around

CHOICE 19: nice ...the end

Which ever you chose and love, please let me know (choice 1 - 19) and mine is excluded as I probably could not bare the critique (((:

Also, of course have a loveliest weekend there is! XO Z


  1. I need a nook. Now that I have seen all of these, my life won't be complete without one. Yours is lovely, and I also like number 16. They look so inviting for loitering in.

    1. Yes inviting ... You put things well into words MIse!

  2. omg! I love it! Your nook is gorgeous! ohh yes I have two or three weeks to chilbirth:) and I'm a little scared...:)

  3. I am loving your kitchen nook frenzy and the others are gorgeous too! Your cushions are wonderful and everything is looking cozy, and ready for your family. When my kids were little we had good fortune of having my in-laws and my folks around, and there wasn't a lot of time left to hang out with friends! Our kids grew up with an extended family ~ so important. Enjoy your weekend festivities!


    1. Thank you! I am in love with the life we have together as family... It is precious.

  4. This is such a fun post. I really love your nook the best because it's so real and gives a peak into your life! But I have to say I love the one with the gorgeous water view too!

    1. Should not we all have a lovely water front house (((: thank you!

  5. No joke but I actually prefer yours to any of the others. It's beautiful! :) xoxo

  6. thank you so much for you support:*! I know that the moment when I finally see my baby will be the most wonderful moment in the world:)