Monday, April 23, 2012

The lamp gave light to our wedding photos!

I am so glad I finally found an antique blue-gray lamp for my husband's side table, it is lovely and fits great, I forgot I had it among the unpacked things in the basement(: We only moved recently!
When I placed in there, it brought our wedding photos to life and I thought of giving you an idea for (in my mind) the best place to get married ...Chateau Jemniste, near Prague, Czech Republic. They provide a wedding planner and arrange everything within a few weeks, no stress and just lots of fun! Look it up, they may have an opening this summer((:

We got engaged in spring and married in summer!

The new lamp is on the right!

I love them together, different but they fit, like me and my man!

Now do you see the wedding photos...not that long ago we were posing for them(:

Well, I was a bossy bride, lets just admit that...they did not have the right choice for our wedding invitations, as the flowers were a certain blend of colours of they had the artist paint a special one for us (above).

Always inspired by the 20's or the deco era wedding look was too. I told Paul Hardy at Paul Hardy Designs what my fantasy was and he made it true reality, he is such a talent!

Ok this was the result...but lets not start there!(:

We had to put our shoes on first...

Get the little ones ready and happy too!

The chateau Jemniste was ready and beautiful as always.

So I walked with my Dad.

The chapel is part of the chateau!

Time to go upstairs and have lunch.

Then it was time to plant our tree in the chateau's garden that will be there forever! You can choose a tree that you want and thankfully they prepare everything and even finish it up for you so that the tree actually survives the bad planting job a bride and a groom may do...((:

We had chateau tours in both languages, Czech and English...we had some knights fighting for us, we had bow and arrow contest and a cake outside by the fountain ...little garden party tea time in the late afternoon.

I am glad I found the lamp for my husband's side table...reminding me of the wedding photos ...perhaps you enjoyed the trip down the memory lane with me((: and if you don't plan to get married there, you may stay there just for fun as it also is a hotel when there is not a wedding in place that is!

We won't be going back this year to water our tree as we have more pressing travels ahead...the next playground park!!!
Have a great week, ciao Zaneta

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  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing these personal photos they're so great! And I love those lamps!