Monday, July 2, 2012

RUNWAY TO WORKWAY: Stampede Cowboy Style is in the air this week...

Fashion TUESDAY is back again.
Our 1912 - 2012 CALGARY Centennial STAMPEDE is here on July 6!

I had to work on my Stampede wardrobe this year and my 2 men's western attire as well, because we are going to a few events and staying in Calgary (normaly we travel abroad) and obviously we all need to look presentable! The whole city transforms (for 10 days) into this cow-style madness and after having lived in Calgary for 11 years I am finaly beginnig to appreciate that idea. The biggest open air show on earth - quite the spectacle!

So this Tuesday fashion style will be cowgirl everyday of the week, work or no work. Are you with me?

If you enjoy such international western style too, please join me on a little exploration tour today.

First, we shopped and shopped... I said find "denim & plaid" and here he did, learning fast from me (soon to be 3 yrs):

"Surely, I am putting these pink ones back on the shelves mama! Don't you even think about it...mama."

Then, Sharon from FASHION ISHA posted this romantic cowgirl outfit a while back on her blog! And I decided to ask my favourite desinger, Paul Hardy, to help me create my version of it. Here is the inspiration look from Sharon:

PAUL HARDY created such a beautiful ostrich feather skirt for me (see below) in a perfec nude hue and it is even more stunning on a person than a hanger, but I will show you that later...during Stampede when I actually wear it!

So the featured western look today is OSTRICH SKIRT, DENIM SHIRT, COWBOY BOOTS!

Now to get this look, you may either email or call PAUL HARDY himself for the skirt or perhaps you like one of the other OSTRICH SKIRTS I selected for you here:

Shorter by Jason Wu.

This is as short as I will recommend by Burnello Cucinelli.

Wear it with the perfect DENIM SHIRT, cotton Levi's classic is just right!

Or another version of the western denim look by J. Crew maybe the hit for you, this one is a cotton-linen blend.

Of course, WEAR IT WITH the essential COWBOY BOOTS! We have just the stores in Calgary that offer plenty of western clothing and accessories. Luckily they sell on-line too.

Riley & McCormick western wear and these stunning boots will have you walking...or dancing!

Great colour and classic by LAMMLE'S are these perfect with everything booties.

Also, if you are in Calgary during these days, here is a great guide that my friend Michelle put together on her blog, telling us where to eat during Stampede: The Toque Girls: food during Stampede

I must share my secret with you all ... as the most perfect cowgirl style in my European roots based world ... is done only by Dolce & Gabbana and specificaly in their 2006 RTW Spring collection. See it for yourself, and Calgary Stampeders, please be open minded, after all I did style some fashion shows during the 2006 Stampede in a similar sexy approach and you LOVED it!

"Italians know best when we speak fashion" ... A good general rule! Just add the western boot and some denim and you have the famous Calgary Stampede look in no time, just better ... sexier...smiles...

Ok let's be fair and look below at this fabulous American designer look by Ralph Lauren, super cute, western & sexy!

And speaking of, I wish HAPPY Independence Day to all of you in USA from Canada! How great is this patriotic look for such occasion - red, blue and white and happy 4th July in cowgirl style!

Have a most amazing "perhaps Western" fashionable week and enjoy the summer in these relaxed looks!
Happy Centennial Stampede to all!



  1. I am so there with you on this looks like so much fun. I love those OSTRICH SKIRTS! I hope you have a lot of fun!


  2. Ah love those feather skirts! This is a great original!