Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Monday AFTER such Random Weekend Inspirational Discovering!

Hello into the new week and happy Monday to you all!
A quick weekend summary:

Here is a few new updates on our house decorating progress ... and also a few photos from our trip to Calgary Heritage Park's Old Car Museum - who would have known that it could inspire me in fashion shopping and perfume changes? I would not dream that...

Here we go:

1. FIRST - We got our chandelier shades which we had been anticipating for past 2 months and this kind of thing makes you wonder why shop in a store at all...when getting things directly on-line takes so much LESS TIME. Also, we thought they ordered the chandelier with the shades but they made a mistake and forgot...and they don't carry a sample of the fixture in the store for you to see, just a catalogue picture and you must decide well, because once you order it, you can't return it! Well, that is how it works in Canada! Maybe US is better...but it is a lot of pressure to shop just from a photograph and that is why I prefer on-line shopping where returns are possible(:
The chandelier is by Visual Concepts. Lucky I am happy with my pick. The oval shape was important to the rectangular shape of our table calls for it.


Without the shades it was not quite as good and complete, what do you think?

It is lovely without shades but much cozier with them ...

Here we were so not done with the nook! The light was a temporary solution.

BUT NOW the country iron fixture is fabulously contrasting the deco style crystal lights above our centre island. Art Nouveau vs. French country is a fun court case if done well!

2. SECOND - Then I stopped by my favourite upholstery shop, Rowland upholstery in Calgary and found some great fabric to add to the existing cushions on the benches, a lovely blue-green colour and rusty brown as they nicely pick up on the tones in the floral fabric(: but are not too matchy after all! Just the way I like it...

3. THIRD - We went to the OLD Car Museum and I did not hold back...I just leaned back and imagined how it must have been great in those days, watching a movie from the comfort (springy seats I tell you!) of your large grand vehicle((:
Love the gray! It is quite the hue...

Then I thought ...How about the cool gray MARNI PANT to wear for the ride?

Pastel BLUE or RED for you??

I decided to pick the hot RED one and buy this ARMANI skirt on-line at the to go with this car (: Old days are inspiring to us aren't they?

And our little boy thinks that BLUE is the coolest colour right now...

4. FOURTH - discovery this weekend after the old cars, I realized that pure oil based perfumes must be a new OLD trend for me! I got me some old style scents ((: in our local health food store.

Along with that and to relax myself on those less calm fun days I got the "five minute peace" oil for a calming bath experience, I had no idea it can be so fun to try on the old life-style!

If you want to be inspired with me by the old times and add more pure products among your scents on your vanity, you may want to look at oil based perfumes by (I bought my Jasmin de Nuit and Lavender scents which smell just amazing... at our local health store but you may get it on-line here at Maroma Perfumes).

They won't look as good without the lovely silver tray I got from TINA (((: at the ENCHANTED HOME SHOP and the silver tray is a real pleasure booster in the morning when I am getting ready for the day!

Hope you had a lovely and inspiring weekend too! So stepping into the new Monday is that much better...


  1. Love all of your updates and that tray is just great! :)

  2. Wonderful shades! They look great and I totally understand that feeling of shopping based upon a picture. The oil based perfumes are my favorite ~ I need to try these. The vintage cars are so fun and your silver from Tina is perfect!

    Enjoy the start to your week!


  3. Gracias por tu visita a mi blog, el tuyo me encanta!!!



  4. wow!! I love that updates! I'm expecting a boy in end of June:) thank you so much for lovely comment:) ohh and no I'm not stylist by proffesion:) kisses:)!

  5. I'm still envious of your perfume holder and the new chandelier with shades looks great. Such lousy customer service, but the whole thing looks very lovely and dignified now, and is perfect with your curved chairs.