Monday, January 14, 2013

Runway to Workway Fashions: Classic Trench

Good Tuesday Morning!

Here is the thing, it is winter, yes in most parts of the world, but we all travel, and even here in Calgary, we get chinook winds and that means +15C within a day going from -20C or so.

Therefore, let us just focus on the most versatile, always needed, perfect classic, elegant TRENCH coat to start the 2013 fashion report;

My very recent purchase (besides the leather sofas) was a Jean Paul Gaultier trench from a store in Calgary, Ooh La La, who's owner Chris is on top as always! She gets the runway pieces and I got myself an amazing piece there (that looks like a futuristic "never gets dirty" fabric, which is great when near my boy all day).

Here is my trench coat:

Here is the model wearing it (very similar version) at JPG runway show:

Promising, I will wear more than a bra underneath...

And here is a tip for a good value purchase of an (almost identical) olive trench from the Outnet, by Gryphon:

And because my leather sofa mania is not out of my head yet, it is an impulse (my apologies) photo sharing with you all here...., this Parisian sofa beauty in leather would make any French style living or family room modern and chic in an instant!

Sometimes too much fabric in our interiors especially with classic style, be it French or Tuscan or English can bring this feeling of "old" upon us and having been recently discovering the "new" styles of leather sofas and chairs myself, it is safe to say, they have drastically evolved and surpassed its' long-suffered banishment into men's dens or libraries only...smiles.

Source: unknown

Source: Hancock & Moore

This other white leather sofa is also named Parisian, its leather is as soft as butter and it snuggles beautifully. I say it because it is the sofa we have now, but in gray hue.

And I just have to share with you this stunning leather covered bench, that blends the history and sleek modernity. It begs the question: "Do I have space for it?"

Source: Hancock & Moore

Hope you all have a fashionable week finding the perfect classic trench and/or sitting on stylish classic upholsteries!


  1. Zane love your trench coat I have one but it's to cold to wear for now. Now we need super heavy coats for snow. OK where did you find that last picture I'm in love with that small sofa!


    1. Hi Debra, yes it is cold for trench, unless one travels or if you visit Calgary when chinook comes...but the lovely small bench is by Hancock & Moore and I just put a link on it, so click the image if you like.
      Hugs and thanks for stopping by...Z

  2. I LIVE in my trench coat for most of the year. I'm wearing down now ~ it's in the twenties! The olive color is gorgeous. Mine is a few years old, and black..I may need a new one:)


  3. The trench is so classic but I just never liked it on me. Oh well. That first sofa is soooo divine! I hope you're having a wonderful week!

  4. That chic trench will go everywhere with you--I'm also smitten with the bench--bet you'll find somewhere fab to put it!

  5. Hi there!
    Thanks for stopping by and laying clin to your GORGEOUS bedroom image from Pinterest! Oh my heavens.... just amazing. I just put a credit under the image to lead people here to your lovely blog!
    So nice to meet you and love what you are putting together for your living room.
    A :)

  6. Love, love your trench coat! I invested in a few when we lived in Vicenza, Italy. They're definitely a staple in ones wardrobe. That first sofa is tdf too! Hope you've had/are having an amazing weekend! xx